ALBtelecom Triumphs as Gold International Winner of 'SAP Quality Award' in IT Field
Albanian Daily News
Published October 20, 2017
During the Award Ceremony Vahap Yeroglu- Chief of IT, Innovation and Procurement Group, Representatives of SAP Quality Awards
Implementation of Business Communication Management solution of ALBtelecom through SAP program has been selected as the winner of the prestigious Gold Award "SAP Quality Award".
Following a professional assessment of all quality categories, this award was given to ALBtelecom, the country's largest telecommunications company, as it has met all of the quality criteria set by SAP for implementing business support systems. The assessment was conducted by an independent jury, part of which were project leaders from different countries and the most prestigious companies that operate in this field.
SAP Quality Awards celebrate and recognize the customers who have excelled in the implementation of their SAP software solutions by using SAP's quality principles to plan, execute and manage their implementations effectively, to achieve fast, low-cost implementations, meet business demand for rapid time to value and to simplify business processes and deliver significant business benefits to their organizations.
Implementation of Business Communication Management solution through SAP had brought many benefits to ALBtelecom including the replacement of the Call Centre platform with the Contact Centre platform, a centralized platform for various contact channels, the ability to integrate the platform with existing SAP Landscape, a 360 degree sight of customers who have contacted ALBtelecom.
All these developments have had a significant impact on improving customers' experience, generating clients' real-time information for their agents, reducing OpEx (maintenance cost), and providing a single customer account overview for agents.

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