Speaker Meets President of Venice Commission
Albanian Daily News
Published October 20, 2017
Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruçi received in a meeting on Thursday the President of the Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio. The Speaker expressed high consideration for the contribution of this Commission to the quite substantial reforms that Albania has undertaken over the years.
Particularly, Speaker Ruçi estimated the assistance of the Venice Commission in the frame of the process of the justice system reform through expertise and opinions on constitutional amendments. "The Parliament of Albania approved by full consensus the package of constitutional changes, in the frame of the justice reform and your assistance in this direction is very precious," underlined Ruçi.
Further on, the Speaker focused on the progress made by the Parliament in this new legislature regarding the accurate addressing of the recommendations of EC reports, underlining the concretization of the justice reform, through the adoption of the structures and organics of the institutions of the transitional reassessment of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania.
Ruçi underlined the establishment by consensus of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Electoral Reform, which also aims at implementing the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations and also to make other improvements based on possible proposals by the political subjects. "We have addressed you for a series of important issues and the high credibility towards the Venice Commission guides us to require your assistance even for this matter," declared the Parliament Speaker.
President of the Venice Commission Buquicchio praised the progress made by Albania since the early years of the start of cooperation with the Venice Commission. Buquicchio pointed out the importance of a proper implementation of the justice reform in order to give evidence to the Albanian citizens for its applicability. He stressed that this Commission is always open for cooperation and to provide its assistance even for other laws in the frame of the implementation of the justice reform, but even other important reforms that the country will undertake.

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