'Storm' in Elbasan Police, Cako Discharges the Directors
Albanian Daily News
Published October 19, 2017
Elbasan police directory became subject to a real 'storm' on Thursday when the entire chain of command was discharged by order of the State Police General Director, Haki Çako. This fact was confirmed by director Çako during a press conference in which he launched strong accusations against Elbasan police directory.

"The Elbasan police directory resulted as totally incompetent in the fight against organized crim. The police structures failed to control the situation on September 18 when the Deputy Chief of police vehicle was hit by an armored 'Audi'. The persons responsible for this grave episode have not yet been brought in front of the justice. On view of these severe violations I ordered the immediate dismissal of Elbasan Police Director Arben Dashi, Deputy Director, Gjergj Oshafi and 10 police officers part of the chain of command," declared Çako.
Çako also announced the appointment of Altin Qato as the new director of Elbasan Police directory.

The complete list of Elbasan Police Directors discharged by order of State Police director Çako is presented below:

Elbasan Police Director Arben Dashi - Suspended

Chief-Commissar Gjergj Oshafi - Discharged

Chief -Commissar Zija Sula - Discharged

Vice-Commissar Gezim Ballaci - Discharged

Vice-Commissar Abedina Haliaj - Discharged

Klajdi Hoxha - Discharged

Gerard Agalliu - Discharged

Gezim Suli - Discharged

Inspector Ferdinand Balliu - Expulsed from police ranks.

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