Rama, Main Supporter of Drugs Smuggling - Says Vasili
Albanian Daily News
Published October 19, 2017
The chairman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group, Petrit Vasili accused on Premier Edi Rama of being the main supporter of drugs smuggling from Albania to Italy. Through a public declaration on Thursday he reminded to the public opinion that the Premier had been informed since long ago about former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri ties with drugs trafficking.

"This declaration is a reminder for those that have 'forgotten' and those who pretend to have 'forgotten'. The Albanian Premier that pretends to be shocked by the tapings related to his former-minister which were made public from the Italian authorities is without any shadow of doubt the inspirer and main supporter of everything that has happened and happens with the traffics and the organized crime. He was the one that ordered the immediate discharge of Deputy- Minister of Interior Ilir Marko who unveiled some bitter truths in relation to Tahiri," declared Vasili.

The SMI group chair included in his declaration the complete news of Marko's discharge published by the media giving a chance to the citizens, analysts, politicians and all interested person to be introduced with the facts.

"PM Rama ordered the immediate dismissal of Deputy Minister of Interior Ilir Marko only two hours after the publication of a SMS sent by the lates to the Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri as a response for a personal accusation. The Deputy-Minister discharge motivation was the following 'For unacceptable violation of the official ethic, in total incongruity with his high office and the violation of the most elementary norms of public communication I order the immediate dismissal of Deputy-Minister of Interior, Ilir Marko'.
Vasili presents the public opinion even with the full text of SMS sent by Marko to Tahiri backing his accusation for PM Rama as the head of drugs smuggling.

"The message sent to Tahiri by Deputy-Minister Marko was the following:

'It was not necessary for me to spy on you, poor man, because this task had been already taken over by the specialized services that recommended your discharge after collecting sufficient proofs for your illicit affairs. If you dismissal would had been delayed the international reports would mention your name in every line!" I will not give you the satisfaction of becoming the center of interest by replying with you because that's all you aim to achieve. But, if you need an explanation for your dismissal ask your chief about the ultimatum given to him by the international partners. Don't provoke me anymore. It's in your interest to not endanger the 1% chance to remain in politics'.

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