Opposition's Front, War on Country's Criminalization
Albanian Daily News
Published October 18, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) chairwoman, Monika Kryemadhi declares that opposition’s front will declare war to the country’s criminalization by Premier Edi Rama. Speaking to journalists at the end of a roundtable with opposition’s parties on Wednesday she expressed their deep concern for Albania’s current situation.

“The opposition’s roundtable enabled the creation of a joint front that will conduct an important political action. A frontal war against a criminalized state represented and directed by Prime Minister Edi Rama. The democracy in Albania is experiencing a clear and present danger due to the incrimination of every structure. The fact that people find themselves forced to seek a solution for their problems through the gangs instead of the State Police is a sad confirmation of this fatality,” said Kryemadhi.

In response to the journalists interests for possible protests by the opposition Kryemadhi said that it’s up to the people to take this step.

“The protests are organized by the people not the political parties. On the other side I am more than sure that this joint front will become one of the greatest inspirers for the citizens’ reaction during these 27 years. It’s about time to put an end to the country’s political transition,” declared the SMI chairwoman.


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