Grezda 'Excellent' with Albania, Adapts with Panucci's Game
Albanian Daily News
Published October 18, 2017
Eros Grezda is undoubtedly one of the Albania's players who catch the eye lately, thanks to the excellent performances shining with Albanian National Team and Osijek in the Croatian championship.

Despite the young age the midfielder has shown maturity and the last goal scored against Dinamo Zagreb was the confirmation of the fact that he is ready for a stronger championship.

He spoke about the emotions experienced in this positive moment during an interview given to the Albanian media.

"When you score against Dinamo Zagreb, which is a big club in Croatia, you always feel good.

I have managed to score three times so far against Dinamo Zagreb. I also hope to do so even in the future," said Grezda. The talented Albania feel very satisfied about the way in which things have gone for so far for him in the Albanian National Team.
"I have been adapting myself with coach Panucci's game and tactics. Coach De Biassi had a different approach but I find myself more comfortable with Panucci," said the player.

Meantime he refused to give any detail about the bids presented to Osijek by different clubs in exchange for the Albanian player.

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