Opposition Creates New Front against Crime - Requests
Albanian Daily News
Published October 18, 2017
The opposition's round table on the crime situation in Albania that was held on Wednesday has just one conclusion: Edi Rama must leave.

Through joint declaration the opposition's parties expressed their firm belief that the Albanian democracy is at risk and criminal gangs are rocking the foundations of country's security. According to these parties, Prime Minister, Edi Rama is the only responsible for this situation.

By saying so the opposition parties, decided to create a joint opposition front against crime.

"This political front requires the immediate dismissal from the Government of Prime Minister Edi Rama as the only responsible for the situation created and his ties with the organized crime. This political front also requires the creation of a new anti-mafia government and a new electoral reform that would enable free and fair elections in Albania," says the joint public declaration of the opposition parties.

Likewise this front requires from the Attorney General to start immediately the investigations against the former minister of interior affairs, Saimir Tahiri for his alleged ties with crime.

"Other ministers must also be investigated for their possible collaboration with traffic and the vote buying phenomenon during the last elections of June 25," ends the declaration.


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