Enton Panariti's Colors and Visions Exposed in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published October 18, 2017
The painter Enton Panariti chose to be presented to the art-lovers in Tirana with a special exhibition opened in the National Historic Museum premise. The fantastic contrasts and colors intertwining are the eye-catching element of this exhibition titled "Colors and Visions".

The Albanian painter, who lives between Tirana and Boston, unfolds a rare spiritual geography through oil painting and sepia graphics.

The exhibition's opening ceremony was attended by numerous art-lovers and friends of the artist who were stunned by the exposed works. One of them, Lorenc Vangjeli, defined Panariti's paintings as an art that gives pleasure through pain with the certitude that only pain and sacrifice may generate pleasure.

Meantime the artist considered useless someone's departures from himself, especially for a painter that carries with him the light and colors of his country wherever he may go.

"Mediterranean sun is something that remains deeply engraved on you and never vanish. I learned many thinks while living in USA but Albania's light remained always with me," said the painter, while inviting the Tirana art-lovers to visit this exhibition.

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