SMI, Vasili: Rama's Political Death, Irreversible
Albanian Daily News
Published October 18, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group chair, Petrit Vasili labels Prime Minister Edi Rama as a politically and morally dead individual. Through a public statement on Wednesday he declared that this is an irreversible reality.

"The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama political and moral death is an irreversible reality due to the following reasons:

1. The only political elections organized by PM Rama on June 25 perished because the drugs money was used for vote's manipulation. The proofs are now being presented in broad daylight.
2. The entire schizophrenic demagogy for his presumed clean power ceased to exist.
3. He no longer has the right to speak about the state because this Premier does not represent it anymore, while the moral right to remove him without hesitation as the head of narcotics traffic is born stronger than ever.

Every kind of palaver that he do, writes or say must be despised and rejected with disgust because he is just fighting with his great fears and responsibilities. PM Rama has absolutely no respect for Albania on view of his now hatred for this country," said Vasili.

In conclusion he stressed that PM Rama's fear is incurable, like Lady Macbeth that went mad due to her crimes bloodstains in the hands.

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