Judges and Prosecutors' Transactions under Verification
Albanian Daily News
Published October 17, 2017
The General Directorate of Prevention of Money Laundering has blocked nearly 60 million Euros of suspicious assets. This institution has referred to the Prosecution of Serious Crimes and State Police a high number of cases of transactions made by prosecutors or judges that has resulted irregular.
The news was made public by the Chairwoman of the Security Committee Ermonela Felaj following a meeting of the members of this committee with the Director of this institution, Arlind Gjokutaj.
"The institution has done a very good job regarding the blockage of assets suspected of deriving from criminal activity. There are 60 million of Euros of assets that have been blocked by this institution," said Felaj.
She added that the vetting bodies have started to be filled and soon they will start their concrete and real work. One of the institutions involved will also be the Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering and for measures against funding terrorism. "We were informed that the review of transactions that may be suspected to be irregular has been done already and the information has been sent to HIDAACI. There is a high verified number of judges and prosecutors and transactions made by them or their family members," declared Felaj.
According to her, the American agents, who will come to Albania, will assist institutions in the fight against drugs and organized crime, while adding that their arrival does not affect the country's safety. "There is nothing anti-constitutional. They come to give their expertise and offer assistance. These crimes cannot be investigated alone because their nature is transnational and as such it makes cooperation with other countries obligatory," declared Security Committee Chair Felaj. She declared that meetings of this kind would be held even with other institutions.

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