Village Infrastructure Improvement, Warranty for Equal Standards
Albanian Daily News
Published October 16, 2017
The Municipality of Tirana sees the villages’ infrastructure improvement as an opportunity to guarantee equal standards for the people. Mayor Erion Veliaj emphasized this fact during the inauguration on Monday of a reconstructed school in a rural area of the city.

“The Municipality of Tirana will dedicate a special focus during the next two years to the villages’ infrastructure aiming to provide equal chances and standards to the people in these areas. This way of doing eliminates any kind of difference in the living conditions between those who live in the city and those that live in the villages,” said Veliaj.

Meantime referring to the Shkalle village school’s inauguration he defined it another clear indicator of the municipality’s commitment toward the village.

“This is the smallest school of Tirana district. Anyhow, our work is based on the principle “one for all, all for one”. It means that we will provide the same qualitative service in the city’s center and the most distant corner,’ declared the Mayor.


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