Rama Forewarns Emigrants Registration within 2018
Albanian Daily News
Published October 16, 2017
Albania will have soon a list of all its citizens who migrate all over the world.
A project for emigrants' registration was forewarned on Monday by Prime Minister Edi Rama during a meeting focused on Diaspora and Emigration.
"We are totally determined to end the Albanian emigrants' registration process within December 2018. Concrete results will be presented during the 2nd Diaspora Summit on view of the fact that Diaspora is part of strategy for country's development. The Diaspora Summit as a unifying element where Albanians may find the necessary communication channels and the state's new relation with Diaspora concretization through a special council are part of the same effort. This council will discuss and make suggestions in relation to different aspects that intertwine the state's policy with Diaspora's organizations," declared the Premier.
In conclusion he thanked the Minister of Diaspora, Pandeli Majko for this project and the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) representatives that attended this meeting.


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