Ombudsman Denounces Torture in Police Station
Albanian Daily News
Published October 16, 2017
Ombudsman Institution denounces the episodes of torture in police stations on arrested or detained people. This institution informed the public opinion through a press release on Monday that the opening of penal investigation against a police officer on grounds of torture.
"The fact that Albanian citizens currently in prison or waiting for the court's verdict are treated indecently and often in a inhuman way by the police authorities is widely known by the public opinion.
One of these many cases is the one reported by the Ombudsman Institution inspectors. The citizen F.B. has been condemned to two-year imprisonment after being found guilty of forgery. Recently he has been transferred to the prison's hospital under tight security measures.
According to a complaint filed by the prisoner and the verifications from the Ombudsman Institution experts he was handcuffed in the hospital's bed while receiving medical treatment. This way of doing, despite the presence of police officers in the room, was based in the order given by Vice-Commissar A.D. Ombudsman Institution considers the handcuffing of a prisoner currently under medical care as inhuman and a form of torture.
As consequence the opening a penal investigation against Vice-Commissar A.D on grounds of torture and the immediate ending of this illicit practice of handcuffing the prisoner to the hospital's bed is recommended," declared the Ombudsman Institution.

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