The 'Musical Encounters Between the Two Worlds' Crisscrossing Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published October 16, 2017
Where the Shkodra musical tradition meets the classical music was the second night of the 11th edition of international festival " Musical Encounters Between the Two Worlds". After the success in Dropulli with the Greek night, another concert was organized in collaboration with Shkodra Municipality and the Art & Culture Club of Sigal Uniqa Group Austria in Shkodra, on the night of 12 October 2017 at the Migjeni Theatre.
The mythic scene of Migjeni theatre was enchanted by the best classical and aires of Opera from Mozart, Straus to Shostakovich performed by the Sigal Orchestra under the direction of Ermir Dizdari. But the starting point was the Albanian tradition, the artists Mukades Cunga and Rezarta Smaja together with Migjeni ensemble started with some beautiful Shodra songs: Çile zemren, Shkoj e vij te dera jote, Margjelo, Lulja e majit.

This meeting point of two different musical genres tradional and classical music is one of the objectives of the Musical Encounters Between the Two Worlds.

The next step of the festival will be Tirana, on the 19th October, with a fresh air from Paris, "Un Air de Paris" with the young soprano Blerta Zhegu, that has a good start of the career in the European scene, and a well known French pianist Frédéric Isoletta.
"Un Air de Paris" is supported by the French Alliance of Tirana which intends to promote the French language and culture in Albania.

"Musical Encounters Between Two Worlds": Where tradition meets the classical For for eleven editions in a raw aims to give an impetus to artistic and cultural life in Albania. This project is unique in Albania not only because it involves an important mainstay of arts and culture, namely music, but it especially focuses on a combination of classical music with traditional music.
Build bridges of culture toward Europe, contribute to increased cultural exchanges between Albania and Europe and the world, is what Argjiro, intends with this initiative, says Ilda Mara, the director of the Festival.
Albanian Daily News is the official media partner of the International Festival "Musical Encounters Between Two Worlds" together with RTSH.

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