SMI, Vasili Raises the Alarm for Parliamentary Republic Collapse
Albanian Daily News
Published October 15, 2017
The chairman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group, Petrit Vasili raised the alarm for the gradual collapse of the parliamentary republic in Albania. In a public statement issued on Sunday he stressed that Albania's parliamentary republic is collapsing due to the devastating leadership of parliament and the Premier's criminalization.

"The abyss that stands in Albania's path thanks to this indocile Prime Minister and his entourage criminal incapacity is clearly visible in the eyes of the European media. The degraded parliament, where such level of servile attitude by the leadership had not been seen even in the early days of pluralism, has become the arena where the biological and political paranoia of a mind-lost Premier are being realized while parliamentary system bears the coasts. We are living the Labor Party parliament while the parliamentary republic is being brought down by communist-era atavisms," declared Vasili.

He also stressed that the country is dangerously sliding into the hands of the organized crime while adding that only one man should be hold responsible for the life of thousands of families and businesses.

"PM Rama is the only man to be blamed for this wrong way of doing. He will leave one day letting a huge fire behind," stated Vasili.

He concluded the declaration by quoting the European Council in relation to the foreign affairs.

"Albania has a deep political division, where politics and clan relations intertwine into a network of vengeance and corruption. Drug trafficking and money laundering are booming in this country. Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama, instead of responding to these government failures, has recently worsened the situation by talking about Greater Albania".

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