Lorik Cana Receives First Bids for Directing Positions
Albanian Daily News
Published October 15, 2017
Lorik Cana’s farewell ceremony from the Albanian National Team was immediately followed by a series of bids for directing positions. A number of clubs seem to be interested for the Albanian National Team former-team leader but the most serious bids has been presented by the Swiss club of Lausanne. This club seems to be willing to offer to Canaj the sportive director position.

Laussane’s president, Alain Joseph declared that negotiations with Cana are already underway.

“We have been negotiating since one year with Cana, initially with the idea that he might end the career in our team. Anyhow, the fact that is no longer part of football does not mean that we lost the interest on him. He is a person whose arrival may give additional values to our club,” said Joseph speaking to the Swiss media.

A successful conclusion of the negotiations would mean a return to the past for Cana whose sportive career started in the city of Lausanne.


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