Shehu: Rama's Interviews Infringe Country's Integration Process
Albanian Daily News
Published October 15, 2017
The Democrat MP, Tritan Shehu accuses Prime Minister Edi Rama of infringing country's integration process. He made an analysis of Premier's latest interview to the foreign media through a public statement on Sunday.

"In his interview given to the German newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" the Premier almost "threatens' the European Union (EU) for the delay in opening negotiations with Albania, deducing that Albanians are losing their patience over Brussels, which can urge them take other steps. The truth is that Albanians are not losing their patience over Brussels, which remains the only alternative for them, but on PM Rama. Albania's delay in this process, and especially the fact that we are left behind by other countries in the region is related to the interior problems, the organized crime, cannabis cultivation and galloping corruption for which PM Rama's government is to be blamed," declared Shehu.

He also labeled as a big gaffe PM Rama's attempt to appear as "the father of a discriminated nation", adding that the he seems to forget that Albanians now live and govern themselves in the region's democratic countries, something which does not happen with other European peoples.

"Despite the fact that he just returned from an official visit to Italy PM Rama forgets the key role played by this country in Albania's democratic and integrating processes. The Berlin-Paris-Rome triangle remains the EU's engine while the Albanian Premier strangely reduces it to the "Berlin-Paris' axis, moving against Albania's interests. In an interview given to "La Republica" while in Rome PM Rama provoked Brussels with his definition of the "Region' with his countries. He "forgets" that the term "Western Balkans" is the only political one used by the EU for Albania's European perspective. We have absolutely no interest in questioning this definition and its components," stated Shehu.

In conclusion the Democrat MP declared that PM Rama would serve to the country's and region's interest by lowering the number of interviews.

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