Durresi Court Decision on Turkish Citizen, Embassy: Scandalous Act
Albanian Daily News
Published October 14, 2017
The Turkish Embassy in Tirana reacted on Saturday over the decision taken from the Durresi Court one day ago, to reject the extradition of the Turkish national named Muhammet Aydogmus, 39, an alleged member of Muslim cleric Gulen's Hizmet movement, which Turkey accuses of being behind last year's failed coup against President Erdogan
This embassy labels as scandalous the court decision to let free Muhammet and his family.
"An arrest warrant exist against this person. Based on the European Convent for Extradition we asked to the Albanian authorities to arrest him for 40 days. However a judge let him free and deny our request for extradition, let the Turkish citizen free in exchange for a ridiculous amount of money," reacted the embassy.
According to this institution this is a bad example for the war against terrorism and he can threat the Albanian security too.
Earlier, on Thursday this week, Albanian police in Durres announced the detention of a Turkish national named Muhammet Aydogmus, 39, on the basis of a Turkish international arrest warrant.
Police said Aydogmus, his wife and two children were detained on Monday in Durres while trying to travel to Italy using false passports.
"After an investigation by the office of Interpol, Tirana found out that Turkish citizen Muhammet Aydogmus had an international warrant concerning a terrorist organisation and was sought by the Turkish courts," the police said.
Anyway, on Friday the Durres First Instance Court rejected the extradition request to Turkey, deciding that while Aydogmus' arrest was legitimate, his extradition was not supported by proofs and thus the detainee was released.

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