Tenders and Concessions Unblocked
Albanian Daily News
Published October 14, 2017
The Council of Ministers decided on Friday during the cabinet meeting in Vlora to abolish the decision temporarily suspending the public procurement procedures.
The decision of 5 July 2017 required all central government units and their contracting authorities not to open tenders or public concessions until a second notice.
From the rule, contracts signed prior to the entry into force of the decision were excluded, as well as procurements for small value purchases. Meanwhile, large-value procurements in special cases and for urgent needs could only initiate the procedure with the approval of the Prime Minister.
The then decision was seen as a means of controlling abusive spending and tendering in a transitory moment in creating a new government when 7 ministerial portfolios were under the leadership of the Democratic Party and 4 under the leadership of the Socialist Movement for Integration.
The unblocking entered into force immediately and this means that starting from Monday, all these institutions may resume with the opening of bid contests procured from available funds.
Meanwhile, the Agency for Legalization, Urbanization and Integration of Informal Building Areas (ALUIZNI) is undergoing a complete restructuring phase, the government has also decided on the Ministry that will have this institution under its control.
After the merger of the Ministry of Urban Development with the reorganization of the government, ALUIZNI will be under the dependency of the Ministry of Justice.
It will be the new cabinet minister, Etilda Gjonaj, who will have control of this agency. The decision comes 10 days before the deadline for application for the heads of the 16 regional directorates of ALUIZNI.
During today's meeting of the Council of Ministers in Vlora, it was decided that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will continue to exercise the powers in drafting, implementing and monitoring water management policies, until the adoption of the legal and sub legal framework based on of which the body responsible for the administration of water shall be designated.
Another decision taken at this meeting was declaration of Kanina a protected zone. "The meeting also included the approval of the rule on its administration to move forward with a program for revitalization of this gorgeous village in its entirety and the layout of this protected zone of our cultural heritage," PM said.
Rama added that the Council of Ministers took the decision to implement the project on the center of the administrative unit of Brataj associated with an expropriations fund.

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