Qualifiers, Duka: We Ended a Positive Season
Albanian Daily News
Published October 13, 2017
President of the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) Armando Duka defined as positive the Albania’s National Team result in the World Cup 2018 qualifiers. He also used a satisfactory language while referring to the new coach Christian Panucci work by saying that he gave the maximum during this period in Albania’s bench.

“The best assessment is done by those that watch us, the fans and the specialists. Anyway, I consider this as a positive edition, of course with some problems. We faced two strong adversaries, Spain and Italy. It’s very difficult to prevail on them,” said Duka.

The AFF president also spoke about those matches where the result could had been different for Albania.

“The match with Israel and the match with Italy could had ended with a different score. We’ve changed the staff but not due to the poor results. We now have a new staff for the Euro 2020 finals qualifiers. I would like also to thank the former-coach Gianni De Biasi,” stated Duka.


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