Etrit Berisha Dreams of Winning Europe's League with Atalanta
Albanian Daily News
Published October 12, 2017
Etrit Berisha admitted during an interview given to the Italian daily newspaper "Corriere dello Sport" that one of his most important goals this season is the advancement as much as possible with Atalanta in the Europe League and why not to finally win the trophy.

The Albanian National Team goalkeeper, which has become a leader in the ranks of the Italian team, gives crucial importance to the continuation by the team with the same faith in the path followed so far.
"We have had a positive start in the championship while in Europe League we have so far 4 points in two matches. The 3-0 win with Everton made us realize that we are on the right track, that we can play as equal even against strong opponents. I believe that we have all the qualities needed to go beyond the groups phase. Everyone's dream is to raise the Europe League trophy, but to be realistic we have to consider the matches one by one," said Etrit Berisha.

In terms of his excellent physical shape he gave the credits to the club.

"All credits go to Atalanta. I am very calm and totally focused on the work. Not many people thought that we would rank in the 4th place thus I believe that we did something remarkable and may do much more in the future," said the goalkeeper.

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