Tensions in Parliament Related to Rama's Ties with Crime - Says Basha
Albanian Daily News
Published October 12, 2017
The Democratic Party (DP) chair, Lulzim Basha declared that Premier Edi Rama ties with the organized crime were the origin of tensions during Thursday’s parliamentary session. He also accused Speaker Gramoz Ruçi of intentionally causing a collapse of parliamentary life in order to avoid the debate on the elections and organized crime.

“Speaker Ruçi intentionally caused a collapse of the parliamentary life by violating the regulation acting in accordance to PM Rama orders. The only reason behind this illicit way of doing is to avoid any kind of debate over the elections and the organized crime issues. Premier Rama is afraid of facing the truth and the fact that country’s territory is controlled by gangs whose ties go up to him.

Opposition is more than ready to present the citizens with facts proving his ties to the organized crime. This is not a metaphor. He is perfectly aware of this fact due to our continuous warnings. The parliament is the right place for these facts presentation,” said Basha.

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