Parliament Session Starts with Clashes, Basha Debates with Ruci
Albanian Daily News
Published October 12, 2017
The Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha involved in a debate with Speaker Gramoz Ruçi since the first minutes of Thursday's parliamentary session. The origin of this debate was a proposal made by the Union for Human Rights Protection (UHRP) chair, Vangjel Dule for the removal from session's agenda of the law for minorities.

Ruçi's refusal to do so urged DP chair Basha to accuse the Speaker of parliamentary regulation violation. He supported Dule's request by asking Speaker Ruçi to convene Regulation Council instead of violating the regulation.

"You are transforming this parliament from absurd to tragic. Parliament's regulation clearly defined the steps to be followed in such case. It is your duty to implement this regulation instead of amending it. You can't change the regulation through a simple voting process," said Basha, addressing to Speaker Ruçi.

He stressed that despite the fact that Dule's request might be right or wrong the parliamentary procedures should be respected.

"The Regulation Council should be convened without further delay. I would not like to see this session's degradation as the last one. Let's prevent the useless debate," declared the DP chair.

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