Cana Reveals the Cause of His Departure from Football
Albanian Daily News
Published October 11, 2017
The former-team leader of the Albanian National Team, Lorik Cana revealed during an interview given to the prestigious French magazine "L'Equipe" the reasons for his early departure from football but also his career’s regrets.

“Practicing football at such high levels has turned into a dangerous profession for me. I had some health problems which I was not being able to overcome as time went by. I effectuated some specific analysis, ahead and after the European finals in France, which indicated my poor health conditions. I suffer from an illness known as myocardium. It is the consequence of a previously acquired virus. I had strong fevers and this illness tormented me in the physical aspect. The virus affected the myocardium causing an irritation. I was able to define my pathology thanks to specialized medical examinations,” said Cana.

He confessed that winning a trophy with Olympic Marseille had been his biggest desire.

“I regret the fact that I did not manage to win a trophy with Olympic Marseille. We lost two final matches in the France’s Cup while ranking in the 2nd place in the championship in 2009. It was something really negative,” said the footballer.

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