Tirana Municipality Focused on Food Safety
Albanian Daily News
Published October 11, 2017
Tirana's Mayor Erion Veliaj declares that municipality remains maximally focused on the food safety increase. During the inauguration of Wednesday of the works for rehabilitation of a fruits-vegetables market in a populated area of the city he said that investment aims above all to improve the hygienic conditions in which the products are traded.

“This market rehabilitation is another clear indicator of the fact that we are totally committed to increase food security. The opening of a public slaughter-house a few days ago and the markets rehabilitation in different areas of the city are all steps that serve to this purpose,” declared Veliaj.

He also urged to all the small retailers of fruits and vegetables in this area to use the rehabilitated marked after the works completion instead of continue to sell their products near the sewers.

“As long as the markets were in piteous conditions we accepted the fact that they were forced to sell their products in similar conditions. But now that things are changing rapidly in the positive aspect such thing will no longer be tolerated,” stated the Mayor.

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