Half of the Albanians Want to Emigrate
Albanian Daily News
Published October 11, 2017
A survey recently conducted by Balkans Barometer presented an increase of the immigration trend in Albania. Around 50% of Albanian citizens are considering immigration as option for their future, the Balkans Barometer reported. The survey's result indicated that one year ago some 48% of Albanians wanted to leave the country while this year the figure went up to 50%.

Albanians rank in the first place along with the Bosnians among the Balkans citizens willing to leave their country. But differently from Albania the figures in Bosnia registered a decrease during the last three years. Some 58% of Bosnian citizens were considering the immigration in 2015 while this figure went down to 50% in 2017. Meantime this figure went up to 50% in Albania during 2017 from only 38% in 2015.

The visas liberalization increased the Albanians willingness to immigrate. The possibility for abroad trips urged them to look forward to better living conditions in another country. Visas liberalization has had the same effect even in other regional countries but not in the same level as Albania.

According to EUROSTAT in the second quarter of 2017 some 6,000 Albanians applied one more time for asylum, ranking at sixth place after Middle East and African countries for the high number of asylum seekers.

Surveys made by the World Bank (WB), Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) and other governmental organizations show that economic situation is the main reason that urge Albanian citizens toward immigration.

The main factor of systemic hemorrhage is the insufficient trust of citizens in local governments and their promise that country's economic conditions will improve in the future.

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