Panucci: Extraordinary Match, Italy Rescued by Buffon
Albanian Daily News
Published October 10, 2017
The Albanian National Team coach, Christian Panucci, commended the team’s performance in the challenge against Italy by defining it as very positive, while expressing his disappointment for the result. According to him the goal was the only missing element for the Albanians in this match.

“I think that we did an extraordinary match. The team played very well giving everything within their capacities. We have numerous qualitative elements. That’s why we produced a qualitative football during many minutes against an Italy that was rescued by Buffon in different moments,” said Panucci, speaking to the journalists after the match.

For Panucci the only element that needs to be improved in the future is the players’ ability to finalize in the last moments.

“We seem to be losing our energy while in front of the adversary goalkeeper. The players should show major cynicism finalizing their actions with a goal. Our opponents make fewer actions but despite this manage to score, while we repeatedly loss this chance. This is the only thing for the which I feel sorry and need to be fixed in the future,” declared the coach.

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