Tahiri Faces Shullazi in Court, Asks for Berisha's Testimony
Albanian Daily News
Published October 10, 2017
The former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri faced for the first time on Tuesday Emiljano Shullazi in the Court of Serious Crimes. He was subpoenaed in quality of witness in the trial against Shullazi for the intimidation on Tirana University rector Mynyr Koni.

During his 15-minutes appearance in front of the judges Tahiri declared that he learned about this episode from a public denunciation made by former-Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

"I learned about the intimidation on Rector Koni from a public statement made by former-PM Berisha. I do not understand why he has not yet been subpoenaed in quality of witness. This way of doing clearly indicates the prosecutions involves in politics," said Tahiri.

Earlier even the State Police General Director Haki Çako testified in front of the judges in Shullazi's trial. The Tirana University rector, Mynyr Koni, professors Klodeta Dibra, Shezai Rrokaj and Majlinda Keta have also subpoenaed in quality of VIP witnesses in this trial

Meantime Koni's predecessor, Dhori Kule, also on the VIP witnesses list was present in court but did not testify after presenting a sick-leave to the judges.

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