Panucci: Spain Irresistible, We'll Give Our Best against Italy
Albanian Daily News
Published October 7, 2017
The Albanian National Team coach Christian Panucci admitted at the end of the match against Spain that it was almost nearly impossible to come out of this challenge with a positive result. However, according to him in some aspects the team could have been somehow more attentive.

"We could not apply an attacking scheme against scheme against Spain, one of the world's best teams. We tried to fill the gaps and counter-attack but they were quicker placing us in a difficult position, especially in the first half. The team made some mistakes donating two goals to the adversary," said the Italian coach.

Meantime he commended the players' game during the 2nd half.

"We were a bit unlucky in two different moments but let's not forget that Spain scored three goals to Italy. I liked the way in which the team played in the 2nd half," said Panucci.

Referring to the imminent match against Italy the coach said the team will try to give the best in order to meet the big expectations that fans have for this challenge.


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