France to Assist Albanian Inspectorates
Albanian Daily News
Published October 7, 2017
In the framework of several months of cooperation between the Central Inspectorate of Albania and the General Inspectorate of the French Administration, the head of these two departments, Shklqim Hajdari and Michel Rouzeau, respectively, met Friday in Paris.
The purpose of Hajdari's visit to France was to get acquainted closely with the organization and functioning of the French Inspectorate General of Administration - IGA, the organization and functioning of the French Technical State Inspectorates, as well as the manner of interaction of the French Central Inspectorate with the other Inspectorates.
Initially, cognitive and introductory meetings were held at the French School of Administration - ENA, with the Director of the School Patrick Gerard, as well as with Peirre Thenard, Director of Foreign Relations of ENA.
Likewise, meetings were held with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Bruno Verlon, who presented in detail the organization of state inspectorates.
IGA's Inspector General, Michel Rouzeau expressed his appreciation for the online performance of inspections with standard documents and unified list of verifications by the Central Inspectorate of Albania, pointing out that the legal and procedural support of this mode of inspection by IGA will return Albania's inspection system a model to all countries of the Western Balkans. At the end of the meeting, the leaders of these two institutions agreed to start a long-term cooperation for the acquisition and implementation of the French experience in the field of Inspections in Albania, according to the standards and requirements of EU legislation. The main areas of this collaboration will focus on the drafting the legal and sub-legal acts necessary for the implementation of the new version of the aforementioned law, in accordance with the European acquis; evolution of the status of inspector, recruitment and administration procedures, as well as salary related issues; training of inspection staff with their business cooperation practices, implemented by IGA; keeping contacts with the heads of State Inspectorates with their technical correspondents in France. The two General Inspectors signed an agreement for starting the cooperation by defining concrete areas of the structural and legal reform of the State Inspectorates of Albania will be cooperated.

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