Lila: Let's Give our Best in the Field
Albanian Daily News
Published October 6, 2017
The Albanian National Team defender, Andi Lila seems to be waiting with high enthusiasm two challenges against Spain and Italy part of the qualifiers for 'World Cup 2018". According to him every professional player dreams of entering the field in similar matches.
"Our generation is very fortunate by the fact that has been given the chance to play against two world champions. Every player dreams of such matches because it does not happen every day to play with the best players in the world," said Lila addressing to the journalists.
For Lila the most important thing in these two matches is for the team to give everything in the field.
"A player should give his best in the field during every match, not only when playing against Spain. This is one of the world's best team, a former-world and Europe champion, thus every component is needed to obtain a positive result. We will do everything within our capacities to proudly leave the field,' ended the Albanian defender.


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