Such a Poor Diversion...
By Alqi Koçiko
Albanian Daily News
Published October 6, 2017
It came as a thunder from the clear sky. The reaction of the main opposition yesterday in the parliamentary session was totally unexpected, and this can be considered its only success. DP chairman and MP Lulzim Basha called for a surprising, immediate parliamentary debate on electoral reform, claiming that scheduled work of the session changes. In brief, let's mention a few moments on this topic:
The recent parliamentary elections have just ended. Opposition complaints on the quality of these elections, held as a product of Basha's agreement with the leader of SP Rama, began to accumulate too late, with much hesitation and in fact, only as a consequence of internal pressure in the DP against Basha following a historic defeat. Like it or not, this majority is the first one in the political history of pluralism that has enabled discussion of an electoral reform with the opposition right after the end of election. Let's not hide behind our finger; every debate or negotiation on the electoral system and electoral reform in this country has only been organized in the last few months before the elections, under the pressure of time and in an air full of suspicion, whereas this time, theoretically, there are all the possibilities for the parties involved to resolve calmly and with the participation of the most prepared technicians, every element of the new reform.
So why is this burst, which cannot pass unnoticed for Basha's theatricality and fakeness? There is only one explanation.
His opponents in the Democratic Party, after months of somewhat chaotic and unclear expressions of their discontent to the May 18 agreement, Basha's poor leadership, his electoral defeat, and the much debated re-election at the helm of DP, managed to coagulate a platform and a stance. This platform and the names of the signers were announced a day before Basha's acting in the parliamentary session, with his deputies in the role as well. In short, what we see is a diversion; but a weak and fruitless diversion, which adds to political leadership of the DP by Basha even more pathetic and powerlessness notes. This is bad news for us all...

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