INTERPOL's Regional Conference in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published October 5, 2017
INTERPOL's Regional Conference is taking place in Tirana. It began on October 2 and is set to continue until October 6. The event is sponsored by the U.S. State Department, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.
Attending the conference are top representatives of the INTERPOL, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. embassy and National Security Agency in Washington. The conference targets to set up a regional Working Group and provide training on cooperation with the private sector during investigation against people smuggling in the Balkans. The participants in training are members of the ISON (Interpol Specialized Operational Network) against people smuggling from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Germany, Croatia, and Serbia. They are also members of the police force of these countries. The training aims to familiarize the participants with the new investigation methods through the private companies that have provided data on the suspects involved in illegal activity. The training will be followed by 3-day practice of simulated investigation in which it is applied cooperation with private companies and use of the INTERPOL's database. Likewise, the meeting aims to promote cooperation and exchange of information among ISON members.
Director General of the State Police Haki Çako highly evaluated the fact that the INTERPOL organizes conference like this which he considered an opportunity for the police officers of different countries to exchange their experiences and cooperate. Çako congratulated all the participants in this awareness conference on such sensitive issues like illegal migration and trafficking of human beings.
Likewise, he emphasized the fact that these two phenomena have been at the focus of fight of the Albanian State Police and thanks to the help of the international actors, including the INTERPOL, there are achieved concrete results. Director General of the State Police emphasized that there will be only fight without comprise against organized crime and every other illegal form through synchronizing the work with police organizations in the region and partner countries toward meeting the Western standards.
"It's not only Albania's geographic position which urges us to toughen the fight against organized crime and every other form of crime and synchronize the work with the police forces in the partner countries toward fulfillment of the Western standards. Albania is currently a candidate country to join the EU. We are aware that's the only way, fight without compromise against every criminal organization, so that to make our countries safer," said Çako.


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