'No More Damaged Roads in Tirana within Two Years'
Albanian Daily News
Published October 3, 2017
Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj declared on Tuesday that the roads construction and pavement issue in Tirana will be solved within the next two years.

“The damaged roads nightmare in Tirana will come to an end within the next two years. This issue’s resolution will give a major access to the local farmers in the agricultural products market. At the same time those willing to live off grid, away from urban areas, will be given a chance to do so without having to endure a difficult trip,” said Veliaj.

He made this declaration during the inauguration of the works for the construction of four new roads in Ndroq village, part of a capillary investment in this area.

“A series of tests conducted in Krrabe, Zall-Herr, Vaqarr, Peza and Ndroq indicate that capillary investments are the best way to proceed with rural areas urbanization. The same work that was done for the ‘Scanderbeg’ square, the New Bazaar, the Olympic Park and Tirana’s new boulevard will continue in the city’s rural areas,” declared Veliaj.


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