"Musical Colors of Greece" Kick Off the 11th Edition of International Festival "Musical Encounters Between the Two Worlds"
Albanian Daily News
Published October 1, 2017
"Argjiro' in collaboration with the Greek Embassy in Tirana, the Greek Consulate of Gjirokastra and Dropulli Municipality, started on Saturday the XI edition of "Musical Encounters Between the Two Worlds" in Dropull with traditional and contemporary music from Greece.
The aim to intertwine the tradition with the classical and contemporary music remain the leitmotiv of this Festival.
The sounds and musical traditions of Greece were beautifully transmitted to the public by a famous duo Nantia Patera and Dimitris Lappas. They bring for the public a mix of popular bouzouki songs and contemporary music. Nantia Patera, has performed with famous singers in Greece such as E.Kokkinou, D.Vandi, G. Mazonakis, L.Pantazis, etc.

Meanwhile, Dimitris Lappas is a famous guitar-bouzouki player here in Greece and has been the lead instrument with famous singers such as G. Ntalaras, E.Vitali, D. Savvopoulos, etc. He has also been a member of Caf Aman
?stanbul and Alternative Bulgarian Orchestra.

Nantia and Dimitri for about two hours has enchanted the public with their performance and elegance. A trip to the heart of Greeck culture, an emblematic music where the east and the west meet, with songs from the most famous greek compousers as Chatzidakis, Theodorakis, Tsitsanis and Zambetas.

"Musical Colors of Greece" was the first concert of a series of musical meetings that will continue during October.

"Musical Encounters Between the Two Worlds", an initiative initiated by Argjiro, ten years ago, aimed to promote the Albanian cultural heritage and building bridges of dialogue among countries. The first night of the XI edition of the Festival reached this goal.

Albanian Daily News is the official media partner of the Festival "Musical Encounters Between Two Worlds" together with TVSH.

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