50 Recreational Areas for Elders to Be Opened in Tirana - Says Veliaj
Albanian Daily News
Published October 1, 2017
The Municipality of Tirana organized a special lunch on Sunday in its social centers in the framework of Elders International Day for all those elderls who experience economic difficulties. Mayor, Erion Veliaj, served lunch for dozens of elderly people at the social center while stressing that besides improving the infrastructure of the city, special attention is paid to the support for the third age people that have given a valuable contribution to society.

“Some 50 new recreational areas will soon be constructed in Tirana. These areas will serve not only to the children but also to the third age people with a properly designed infrastructure. This project is part of the special attention dedicated by the municipality to the elders in sign of gratitude for their contribution ,” said Veliaj.

Meantime refering to the numerous social centers that have been opened in Tirana he said these centers serve each day to dozens to the people in need as well as third-aged persons.

“These centers opening has been part of municipalities priorities, aiming to provide assistance to these people that have done so much for the country,” said the Mayor.


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