Agolli: Champions League, a Dream that Became Real
Albanian Daily News
Published October 1, 2017
The team-leader of the Albanian National Team, Ansi Agolli debuted in Champions League groups' stage as part of Qarabag's line-up against Rome. The Albanian player was among the best elements in the field. However his team was defeated with 1-2 score despite the numerous chances to equalize the figures.

Anyway, this first experience in the elite of the European football will remain impressed in the 34-years old player memory.

"It was my first match in the Champions League groups. One of my oldest dreams has been to debut in this competition. The fact that I did everything within my capacities to help the team feels me with joy," said Agolli.

Regarding the injury that left him for some time off the field he said he already feels better.

"I believe that everything has been left behind and I am gradually recovering. This was my first match after the injury. Another important duel now waits for us in the championship. Then I will focus on the next challenges with the Albanian National Team," declared Agolli.

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