ALBtelecom Business Academy Graduates the 3rd Class of Professionals
Albanian Daily News
Published September 29, 2017
The largest telecommunications company in Albania, ALBtelecom, through a ceremony at the premises of ALBtelecom Business Academy has graduated 23 students of the third generation of professionals graduated from this academy.
In this graduation ceremony were present the CEO of ALBtelecom Mr. Tahsin Yilmaz, directors of the company, pedagogues and students.
At the end of the ceremony it was announced the best group of the third cycle of study and the two most talented students of this academy for this year. The best group presented the project named "The Internet of Things. Intelligent Household Appliances".
This program is an investment of ALBtelecom, designed as a tool to develop further the employee's management abilities, preparing them as future leaders.
Learning process is built by combining theories with practice, discussions between students, case study presentations and specific analyzes study.
Throughout the cycle of the study the acquired skills were shown, step by step thanks to the learning process and became evident the talents, ideas and valuable projects, which in the future will be subject of implementation in the company.
The ALBtelecom Business Academy has been licensed by the National Employment Service in the framework of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth for Professional Education policies.

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