Angjelin Prelocaj Brings World Premiere in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published September 29, 2017
The renowned choreographer Angjelin Prelocaj will bring a real artistic show on October 4 in the ‘Palace of Congresses’ in Tirana in the framework of a tour in the Balkans. The show will be divided in two sections, “A trait of unification’, a ballet realized in 1989 where the male duo comes through a corporal dialogue while the 2nd part will be the world premiere of a new ballet realized by Prelocaj. The details will be unveiled by the artist after his arrival in Tirana on October 3.

The Albanian public will be among the first to enjoy this modern ballet that will bring on stage even 6 French dancers. This show will be realized thanks to the auspice of the French embassy in Tirana.

Angjelin Prelocaj was born in France by Albanian parents on 1957. He followed the studies for classic dancing and then continued with the contemporaneous dance. His creations are currently part of many companies repertoire in Milan’s La Scala, New York’s Ballet and National Opera Ballet of Paris.


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