Panucci Brings Cikalleshi and Xhaka Back in National Team
Albanian Daily News
Published September 29, 2017
The Albanian National Team coach, Christian Panucci published on Friday the list of players gathered at the eve of two qualifying matches for “Russia 2018” against Spain and Italy. Some 26 players have been summoned by Panucci for these matches. Meantime Mavraj, Roshi and Kukeli, that will be absent in the first match due to the disqualifications, will join the team in the 2nd match.

Known names like Xhaka, Kaçe and Lenjani, which were left aside one month ago, have also been summoned. The group of players also includes a first timer in the National Team, Brescia’s midfielder Emanuele Ndoji. The presence of Sokol Cikalleshi is another clear signal that his problems with coach Panucci have been resolved.

Meantime Jahmir Hyka has not been gathered by Panucci due to the fact that he has not been playing regularly in USA. Bekim Balaj, who is still recovering from an injury, is another absence in this group.

The players will gather in ‘Tropikal’ hotel while a press conference of coach Panucci expected next Monday in the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) premise.


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