Kadare, Among Favorites for Nobel Prize
Albanian Daily News
Published September 29, 2017
The renowned Albanian writer Ismail Kadare is expected to be one more time one of the main contenders for the Nobel prize on literature. This is the opinion of numerous literary circles while the official candidates list has not yet been made public by the Swedish Academy.

The culture editor of the main Swedish daily magazine "Dagens Nyheter", Bjorn Wiman shares the same opinion about Kadare's candidacy.

"Last year we faced a really unusual episode. I believe that this year's winner will be a novelist or essayist with European roots, the opposite of Bob Dylan. The Portuguese Antonio Lobo or the Albanian Ismail Kadare have big chances to win this coveted prize," said Wiman.

The Nobel prizes awarding session for 2017 begins next Monday with the announcement of the winner in medicine, followed by that winner in physics, and the winner in chemistry on Wednesday. The Nobel for Peace will be awarded on October 6.

Meantime the date when the Nobel for Literature winners is announced has not yet been made public, but usually this prize is awarded between October 5 and October 12.

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