Weekend/ Discovering Pellumbas
Albanian Daily News
Published September 28, 2017
A natural question that we pose to ourselves each weekend is: Where may we go? The weather is warm but not enough to go the beach. The Albanian capital, Tirana, seems to have been 'consumed'.

Then why not going to the village?

This is a new trend which can be reached easily without much cost or effort and also a chance to eat healthy.

A new door has been opened in Pellumbas village, not far from Tirana. The village's community organizes each week the so-called 'Late breakfast', an opportunity for everyone to spend a pleasant weekend. In this area, only 30-minutes away from the capital, you may enjoy a breakfast and other mill of the day composed by a variety of products, like cheese, honey, eggs, different kinds of tea, homemade bread and even the famous Albanian alcoholic drink known as 'Raki'.

Every product you consume derives from this area and has been cultivated by the local inhabitants.

But there's more, because the area offers even rare natural beauties. The Pellumbas Cave, also known as "The Dark Cave", a renowned archaeological site is situated nearby. Our ancestors are presumed to have lived in this site over 10.000 years ago. This cave ranks among 6 karst cave whose existence is known in Europe. The cave is located 350 meter over the sea level and forms a nearly 80 meters long tunnel.


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