Seven- week Marathon of 'German October'
Albanian Daily News
Published September 28, 2017
'Thirty years from the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between Germany and Albania', this will be the motto of the 'German October' for this year which shows that the friendship between our two countries is something special," has said the German Ambassador to Tirana, Susanne Schutz.
Unveiling the activities that will be held during a seven- week span of time starting from September 30 in a press conference at her residence on Wednesday, the Ambassador pointed out that the German-Albanian relations had developed in a very highly dynamic way since the signing of the Protocol for the Re-establishment of the Relations in September of 1987 followed by the opening of the German Embassy in Tirana on November 15, 1987.
"It is exactly this great expansion and dynamics of the bilateral relations of the two countries which will be reflected by the 'German October', which we organize this year for the 11th consecutive time together with many Albanian and German, partners," said Mrs. Schutz.
Further on she said that diplomacy and curation of bilateral relations might have an abstract effect from time to time and the routine formats of political exchanges exist at government or parliamentary level. In this frame the Ambassador underlined that Albanian President, Ilir Meta paid a visit to Berlin at the invitation of the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier who described the relations between the two countries as excellent during the talks held on Tuesday.
According to Mrs. Schutz, the aim of the activities in the frame of the 'German October' was to put color to the aspect of diplomacy through the field of culture. "In this frame the target is to make vivid as much as possible the minds and hearts of people in our two friendly countries building, in this way, solid bridges between our people," she said.
"'Let's make the people move' - this is the motto of the foreign policy of culture, and spaces for creation, exchanges and good-understanding should be produced in order to move. Also, dialogue and discussions should be encouraged," said Mrs. Schutz in whose opinion through 'German October' concrete projects could be created so that Albanians and Germans might be creative, have common experiences and through these they can work on building linking bridges and in the best case learn from each other.
In the course of seven weeks different activities will be organized in Tirana and other cities of Albania, and the German Embassy together with many partners and supporters have framed a very colorful program. "Movies and literature, figurative arts, theater, music and dance as well as discussions and workshops, all of these are offered by our program for every taste," the Ambassador said, adding that the German language would also be in the focus of them.
Her wish was that even this year's 'German October' turn into an obvious symbol of the German-Albanian friendship hoping to win the minds and hearts of the Albanian spectators and invitees.
A more detailed description of the program was introduced by Mr. Johannes Dietrich, a diplomat in charge of culture and media, who announced that the 'German October' will start with the concert "German Requiem" by Johannes Brahms at the Orthodox Cathedral in Tirana on September 30.
Asked by Albanian Daily News if there would be any activity focusing on the 30-year diplomatic course of the bilateral relations with the participation of veteran diplomats of both countries, Ambassador Schutz said that they had included in the program a seminar for the new diplomats of Albania's Foreign Ministry whose topic would be "Regional cooperation and EU integration" scheduled to be held on October 19. The aim is that the young diplomats look forward to the strengthening of the friendly relations between the two countries for the next 100 years, said the German Ambassador. / ADN

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