Bekim Balaj: I Really Missed the Field
Albanian Daily News
Published September 27, 2017
Bekim Balaj was finally reinstated at the disposal of Ahabs Grozny leaving behind the injury that kept him away from the field during a few months. The Shkodra striker entered the field in the last 10 minutes of a match between his team and Rubin Kazan. He now aims to regain his top physical shape ahead of the Albanian National Team matches.

"I have been absent during these last 3-4 months due to a long injury. I feel well in the physical aspect while more training is needed to regain my top-shape. Anyway, I have already joined the team in the training sessions thus I think that I will be more than ready for the next matches. I really missed the field," said Balaj addressing to the journalists.

He also said that Albania's ranking in the third place meets the objectives for the World Cup 2018 qualifiers.

"I have been watching the national team matches and I think that the players performance has been highly positive. We somehow managed to achieve our objective for a third place in the group," declared Balaj.

In response to the journalists' questions whether he would be part of the players gathered by Christian Panucci ahead of the matches against Spain and Italy he said that it was up to the coach to take this decision.

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