'Bailey' Bridge to Be Constructed by the AAF in Gramsh
Albanian Daily News
Published September 27, 2017
Some 3000 inhabitants of Gramsh district isolation from the rest of the country will finally end. A 'Bailey' bridge is expected to be constructed within 10-days by the Albanian Armed Forces (AAF) engineering corps definitively solving this issue.

The Minister of Defense Olta Xhacka, who attended the works inauguration ceremony, stressed that AAF never gives up, even in these difficult areas where many would hesitate to operate.

"The Albanian Armed Forces are as always near the citizens and the community. More bridges of this kind will be constructed within the first 100 days of this 2nd mandate throughout the country," declared Xhaçka.

She also recalled an episode of 5 years ago where two teenage sisters risked their lives after the bridge they crossing while going to school collapsed.

"Life security and assistance to the community will be a priority for all of us, from the governing structures to every soldier. We will do everything within our capacities to provide assistance to the communities," said the Minister of Defense, adding that AFF will always stand beside the citizens.

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