"In Memoria - Friar Zef Pllumi'
Albanian Daily News
Published September 26, 2017
The 10th anniversary of the death of the Franciscan Friar, publicist and writer Zef Pllum was commemorated with a special activity in the National Library premise. The activity brought together well-known figures that have known him closely, but have also studied his work. Friar Zef Pllumi's figure was commemorated with an exhibition, and the presentation of his latest book "10 Years of Freedom", which has just been published.

The Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro commended Friar Zef Pëllumbi's figure and spoke of the sufferance caused to him by the communist regime.

"He lived as a free thinker out of every frame even in the ironic formalism of dictatorship. He donated us the narrative book that explains truthfully and without hatred all the communist hell," said Kumbaro.
While the translator of Friar Zef's work in French language, Odile Daniel praised him for the greatness, generosity and nobility of his soul.

Friar Zef Pllumi experienced a long period of sufferance during the communist regime, but never surrendered. His most magnificent work remains "Live just to narrate". Zef Pllumi has been awarded the "Honor of the Nation" prize and also by "Golden Pen of Art" award in the Writers' Competition.

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