A Campaign of New Moment Tirana Announced as One of the Best campaigns for 2017 at the Weekend Media Festival in Croatia
Albanian Daily News
Published September 26, 2017
The campaign "Women can. Women Do" created by the advertising agency New Moment Tirana for USAID Albania, produced with Kube Studios, was selected among the Top 25 campaigns of South Eastern Europe for 2017, at theBalCannes Festival inRovinj, Croatia, which was heldthis weekend as a part of the major manifestation Weekend Media Festival.
The campaign"Women Can. Women Do" raised the awareness for the fact that we have a deeply embedded gender discrimination towards women, widespread in our society. This mentality, present both with men and women, is something that most of the people are not aware of, and it is responsible for the "unconscious discrimination" which we are performing every day, and which results in a lower inclusion of women in crucial political, economic and other social decision making.
The campaign had a very unique and innovative creative approach. It was based on a social experiment performed with people from various background. The invited people were informed of the success stories of 6 anonymous Albanian citizens, and were asked to describe how they imagine these people to look, based only on the information they heard for each of them. Almost all of the respondents were imagining and describing males, only based on the fact that these 6 people were very successful. In reality, all 6 successful individuals were females - FlorentiaXheko, InvaMula, Klodiana Shala, LuizaGega, LiljanaLuani and DiellaLoshi!
"This recognition is a great motive for all of us in the agency, as it shows that we have leadership and continuity in the creativity. Our job in communication industry is to create a way for the target audience to get interested in our information, product or a certain reality which we want to present them. When the public gets emotionally involved in such an extent that they start spreading our campaign themselves and working for the same good cause, then it is obvious we have done a good job. That is why it is such a pleasure that our campaign became probably the most shared advertising in Albania, ever. And we are especially glad, because it was a campaign on a really relevant and important topic." - said Oliver Petrovski, the Managing Director of New Moment Tirana.

The campaign provoked a massive response and impact in national and local media, social media and among the general public in Albania. It became the most shared advertising campaign in social media in Albania.
The campaign "Women can. Women Do" you can watch here:

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