OSCE Presence Helps Improve Albania's Disaster Management Preparedness
Albanian Daily News
Published September 25, 2017
At a conference held Monday by the OSCE Presence in Albania and the Albanian Ministry of Interior, experts presented and discussed a report offering recommendations on how to improve disaster risk-reduction in the country.

Recommendations in the report include introduction of international standards of training for emergency preparedness, creating a central communication structure for emergencies, and increased regional and international co-operation on health emergencies. In addition, the report recommends improving technical capacities on prediction of severe weather conditions, protection of flood walls and dams as well as better identification and detection of hazardous goods.

The Gap Analysis on Disaster Management in Albania Conference opened with remarks from Robert Wilton, Deputy Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania; Stefan Çipa, Deputy Minister of Interior; and Shemsi Prençi, General Director of Civil Emergencies.

"Disaster risk reduction means saving lives. This summer forest fires devastated many regions in Albania, threatening many homes and livelihoods; last year floods claimed two citizens' lives. We have to take action: strengthening disaster management and response capacities is essential. Albania cannot wait, because natural or manmade disasters come without warning," Wilton said.

The 2016 Global Risks Index, published by the UN University's Institute for Environment and Human Security, measured the lack of response capacities and ranked Albania worst in Europe, a figure that further highlights the need to implement the recommendations presented at Monday's conference.

"Our partnership is essential," Wilton said. "Working together as one for the implementation of these recommendations will save lives, strengthen security and safeguard the prospects of future generations."

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