Veliaj: City's Hall Priority, No More Double-Shift Schools
Albanian Daily News
Published September 25, 2017
Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj declared that the end double-shift schooling is among municipality priorities. He made this declaration on Monday during the inauguration of the works for ‘Dora D’Istria’ school premise. He emphasized that this investment will give the chance to the students to learn in a more qualitative and warmer premise and will end double shift schooling system.

“I am delighted by the fact that my-former school is becoming subject to a complete reconstruction. Some 11 new classrooms along with a new central heating system will soon be added to this school,” said Veliaj.

The mayor expressed his satisfaction for the progress of the major project for the construction of new schools and the reconstruction of the existing ones, noting that thanks to these investments by the Municipality of Tirana some areas of the city have been relieved from the burden of overloaded classrooms.

“September has been a fantastic month for the Municipality. New schools were opened; others were reconstructed while some problematic areas have been relieved from the cars circulation burden. All these positive changes are part of our continuous efforts to end the double shift schooling within this mandate,” declared the mayor.


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