Fiscal Revenues Up by Lek 12.7 bln
Albanian Daily News
Published September 24, 2017
Revenues in the state budget for the 8-month period are higher than the same period of the previous year. The government's action on informality has made businesses "aware" of paying liabilities, but another positive indicator in their payment has been the adoption of the law on fiscal amnesty.
So, referring to the unofficial data of the Ministry of Finance, revenues in the state budget from the fiscal administration for the 8-month period resulted in Lek 12.7 billion more than the same period a year ago.
According to preliminary fiscal indicators for this period, total revenues in 8 months were realized at Lek 279.1 billion, while total public expenditures amounted to about Lek 282.6 billion. This fiscal period was characterized by a budget deficit of approximately Lek 3.5 billion.
While compared with the same period of 2016, these indicators were: Public finances throughout this year have performed positively showing some stability.
Although the first half of this year corresponded to the pre-election period and the conclusion of the agreement with the IMF, the government appears to have been cautious in managing public finances.

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